Valentine Trivia Quiz
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1. What is often done on Valentine's Day? [A]
2. The Catholic Church feast day is said to be in honor of? [A]
3. What is romantic love? [A]
4. What is used for the mutual exchange of love notes? [A]
5. What Valentine symbols are commonly used? [A]
6. What is cupid? [A]
7. According to legend what does Cupid like to do? [A]
8. How would you describe Cupid's physical characteristics? [A]
9. How many valentine greeting cards are sent each year? [A]
10. What is the largest card sending holiday? [A]
11. What percentage of valentines are purchased by women? [A]
12. What is regarded by historians as purely a matter of legend? [A]
13. When was the feast of St. Valentine first declared? [A]
14. When did the Church remove St. Valentine's Day from its official calendar? [A]
15. When was the 1st recorded union of Valentines Day with romantic love? [A]
16. What is it common to call each other on Valentine's Day? [A]
17. When were the first mass produced valentines of embossed paper lace? [A]
18. What has the the Greeting Card Association been giving since 2001? [A]
19. When was the practice of exchanging cards extended to the giving of gifts? [A]
20. What started to promote Valentine's Day as occasion for giving jewelry? [A]
21. What is platonic love? [A]
22. What do women in Japan and Korea do on Valentine's Day? [A]
23. What is the Valentine chocolate known as in Japan? [A]
24. What might you say to someone on Valentine's Day? [A]
25. Why do some believe that Valentine's Day is celebrated in the middle of February? [A]
26. What did printed cards replace? [A]
27. When did Americans begin exchanging hand made valentines? [A]
28. Where can you find the oldest known Valentine card? [A]
29. What is Esther A. Howland, known as? [A]
30. Name a well known great romance. [A]
31. What day February 14 in the Gregorian Calendar? [A]


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